About The Pundits

Wally Estrada AKA Rockabilly Wally is originally from Long Island New York and came to Florida as a youngster in the early 70’s. Started playing guitar in his teens and by the time he made it to bands had an affinity for roots music with a Rockabilly vibe. Played in the Sun City Rockers and by 1992 met Flash and formed The Pundits where they carried on for seven years playing a blend of original tunes and  Rock and Roll. Wally has in recent years gone back to playing Americana and a Roots Rock and Roll and plays with The Sparkplugs when he isn’t collaborating with his buddy Flash.

Jerry Gabardi AKA Captain Pundit.  My musical roots began in Chicago when I was kid.  One of my first real bands I actually played in was Laurel Rj. Clubs and at the time High School Dances were popular venues in the day around Chicago.  In the 80s my wife and I migrated to Florida to start a new life new career for me. And to continue hers in the hair industry. In a few short years I became a firefighter. And in time became not only a Captain but a Pundit. Hence the AKA.  Then I met Wally and at a moment when the current Pundits were on the verge of losing their bass player.  Wally spoke to Flash. We coordinated a time and location for an audition.  Well. The rest is history. The Pundits hope you like this record. Although it was done at a pivotal time in our lives and our nations history  we hope it touches you some how some way for years to come in a positive way. 

Greg “The Hammer” Turman is from a small town in southeast Missouri. He began drumming at the age of 12. After graduating from high school  he joined the US Air Force. In 1983 he moved to Clearwater, playing in various bands, including Becky’s Army. In 1994 he was introduced to the the Pundits by a mutual friend of Rockabilly Wally. And as they say in showbiz, the rest is history which is still being written 26 years later.