Not In My Backyard

While the state of Florida depends on tourism for our economic survival, many of us that reside here have a quality of life issue with short term rentals in residential neighborhoods. All across Florida and especially in coastal neighborhoods which are clearly zoned SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL, houses are being used as commercial investment properties; rented by the week or for shorter terms and therefore are no longer in compliance with zoning laws that are designed to provide a safe, quiet way of life in said neighborhoods because they are clearly being used as businesses. Some houses (like the one next to us) have had as many as fifteen people at a time (three families) in a house zoned single family residential. That should also be prohibited based on simple zoning codes.
We, the citizens of Florida that have filled out this form ask that our state government impose a ONE MONTH MINIMUM STAY for all rentals in neighborhoods zoned SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL.

Concerned IRB residents, please join us Tuesday April 10th – 4:00 PM for a work session on the short term rental issue @ IRB City Hall – BE THERE!!!