Home Is Where The Heart Is

Flash Gordon is originally from Detroit, Michigan (born June 8, 1959) and has been living on the beaches of Tampa Bay since 1978. He has played flute and saxophone and fronted many original bands including The Charlie Harwood Band (’82-’83), Louder Than Lions (’87-’88), A Sordid People (’89-’90), Group Therapy (’90-’91), The Pundits (’92-’99), Flash Gordon’s Adventures In Music (’00-’05) and Chill Pop (2007), as well as sitting in every so often with ‘The Shakes Society’, ‘Natural Blend’, and ‘The Fanatics’.

2009 saw Flash back together with ‘The Pundits’ for three reunion shows. A documentary movie was made that was entered in the Sarasota Film Festival 2011 and can be seen on YouTube.

2010-11 Flash (& Jo) were working with ‘Smokin’ Connie’ for two gigs and a 5 song recording.

In 2012, Jo and Flash worked with ‘Raise The Baby’, playing a couple significant gigs and recording an eleven song collection, including the song ‘Is Man Kind’, that was a hit for a short time on WMNF.

Through 2013 and into 2014, Flash and Jo worked with a group of talented musicians including Tom Storms, Kevin Karch and Nick Weber called Swim In Salt. Their first songs, ‘Daredevil Days’ and ‘Fancy Wood Doors’ were released and received a few spins on WMNF.

A newly reformed ‘Swim In Salt’ recorded an album called ‘What’s Not To Like (About That) in the summer of 2017 with Ed Woltil, Dan DeGregory, Christian Walker and Steve Connelly.  Released August 1st, this is the first album of original music featuring Flash’s wife Jo as the primary vocalist.  Again, some of the songs have received airplay on WMNF and other similar radio stations across the nation.

Besides writing, recording and performing, Flash Gordon has a long history of promoting original music here in Tampa Bay.  In 1984 Flash decided his woodworking shop was a great spot to have a party featuring the band ‘Empty Sky’.  Over the next twelve years all sorts of great original bands played Flash’s Warehouse Parties including, A New Personality, Dialogue, The Fanatics, Imani, Mighty Pat & The Culture Roots, Grassy Knoll Gunman, Tommy Tie Dye, Monday Mornings, Magadog and many, many others.  This history of promoting original bands was the catalyst for Flash and partner Ted Henderson (who played drums in a band that opened for ‘Empty Sky’ back in 1984 at the first warehouse party) eventually opening Club More in September of 1997.  Club More brought a vast array of original music to the old warehouse on Franklin Street in Clearwater including Dave Mason, Robbie Krieger, Savoy Brown, Buddy Miles, Levon Helm, Donna The Buffalo, Jimmy LaFave, Derek Trucks, Deborah Coleman, The Iguanas and many others.  Club More closed in September 2001 because the cult of scientology got the city to remove the parking privileges for Club More, upsetting business and essentially putting us out of business.   Flash continues to write and record songs and dreams of re-opening Club More someday.  Of course, to contradict Kai Winding, Irma Thomas & The Rolling Stones, time is not on Flash’s side.

In June of 2019 Flash contacted The Pundits (Rockabilly Wally Estrada – guitar & vocals, Captain Pundit Jerry Gabardi – bass & Greg “The Hammer” Turman -drums, to see if there was any interest in recording some Pundits’ songs that had never been recorded in the studio and work commenced soon after.  Between a fire in the wood shop and a plaque across the land, ten new recordings by The Pundits are “in the can” as of December 2020 at Zen Recording with Steve Connelly once again engineering and producing.

The album is now in stock in CD for available for your purchase.  $13 including postage by credit card.  Please call or email if you are interested in a physical copy of the new release by Flash Gordon & The PunditsPeople Come & Go‘.  You can reach Flash Monday – Friday 9 to 4 (EST) at (727) 442-7953 X1.  You can also purchase the album through all major digital sites like Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, etc. or just stream us for free on Spotify, Pandora and all the rest of the sites you might listen to music online.  Please support original music from Tampa Bay.